International Joint Ph.D Programme 2019 “Human Rights, Society, and Multi-level Governance” in Italy

The International Joint Ph.D Programme is a three-year, interdisciplinary, joint academic programme managed by Universities in Australia, Croatia, Cyprus, Italy, coordinated by the University of Padova (Italy).

The joint degree will be a Dottorato di ricerca in Italy, a Doktorat iz društvenih znanosti in Croatia, a Doctor of Philosophy degree (PhD) in Australia, and a Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) in Cyprus.

The doctorate aims at forming researchers with a multi/interdisciplinary profile. The programme includes teaching, research and training in the area of human rights studies, covering the various legal, political, social, philosophical and economic approaches and methodologies, and different geographical areas.

The language of the programme is English. Students will undertake research, take courses and do internships at the University of first enrolment (Home University), and at one or more of the other partner Universities (Host Universities), where they have to spend at least one semester.


  • Students will be trained in case-analysis, project setting and problem-solving. They will acquire research skills and analytical competences to address the sociopolitical challenges posed by the processes of implementation and contextualization of human rights standards and policies.
  • The doctoral students will acquire the competence necessary to analyze and evaluate the quality and effectiveness of policies carried out by intergovernmental, state and sub-state entities, including the EU institutions and organs, as well as activities of non-state actors, including corporate organizations, civil society organizations, communities and human rights activists’ networks.
  • Doctoral graduates will possess the competence and the skills required for a research and teaching career in Academia, and for research positions in public and private organization.
  • The doctoral degree allows graduates to compete for high-level positions in public and private institutions, including intergovernmental organizations, and to perform operative functions as legal officers, project managers, research and development staff as well as specialized field officers.
  • They will have the skills to advise and assist public and private bodies in implementing complex human rights programmes in areas such as education, communication, cultural mediation, social planning, etc. in the framework of human development, human security and social cohesion strategies.


Anyone in possession of the following, regardless of nationality, may apply to take part in the selection process:

  • Diploma di laurea (pre-reform regime);
  • Laurea specialistica/magistrale (post-reform regime);
  • Second-level academic qualifications awarded by AFAM (Higher Education in Art and Music) institutions.

Eligible Regions: Open for All.


  • The application form to participate in the selection process may only be submitted using the dedicated online procedure, available at the Apply Now link. Application forms must be submitted no later than 1 pm (CEST) on the announcement deadline date (May 14th 2019).
  • During the application process candidates will be required to upload:
    • Identity document in PDF
    • Master’s degree (certificate or diploma)
    • Transcript of records (list of activities of the master’s course) or diploma supplement in Italian or English in PDF (if available)
    • Curriculum in English (no specific format required) in PDF
    • Research project in English (no specific format required) in PDF.
  • Reference letters are not required for this doctorate.
  • Evaluation of titles results and list of candidates admitted to the interview: June 22.
  • The interview will take place on June 18 from  10.00 (Italian time) at the Human Rights Centre of the University of Padova. It is possible to be interviewed via Skype (if you specify your Skype I.D. in the application form).
  • The final ranking of the five selected candidates will be published on July 8.
  • The programme will start on October 1st, 2019.

Application Deadline: May 14, 2019 .


Written by Olumide Owaduge


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